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I posted this on Instagram but wanted to give all non social media followers a chance to read it too, Just food for thought.

I mean, what the what? Experts are trying to make decisions for the betterment of the whole. We have to trust, with a capital T, that these decisions are the best course of action. Then abide by the rules - all of us. That alone is a hard concept to grasp. Our individuality is what makes the US such a special place. Now city, towns, and states have been asked to follow some strict guidelines in an effort to protect our vulnerable and keep our hospitals in open.

That does make sense, however, the burden is much greater than the understanding. Every one of us carries a cross at this moment. Everyone!

If we REFOCUS the pyramid of importance, it is easier to see that, yes LIFE, should be at the top. You are thus protecting people's lives, your life, my life, your grandmother's life, and even your shitty nasty neighbor down the streets life.

If we REFOCUS our worry and angst to determination and hope, we can bring fresh eyes to the situations. How can I look at these guidelines differently? Not in the let's break the rules type of way, but rather in the ok, I can do this way.

If we REFOCUS our thinking about putting others before ourselves and own that decision with pride and not hatred; can we reclaim these weeks or months? Can we see this time at home as a time to try something new? Letting our kids explore the backyard in new ways. Can we release the burden of keeping our house and selves looking perfect because we won't be seeing anyone; letting that perfectionism go. Can we spring clean and let the kids help because if it takes all day who cares, and if they mess up, no big deal.

We can REFOCUS and realize that yes, there are going to be tablets, tv, and iPads, and that is ok. But can there be craft time, reading time, playtime, snuggle time, family time? I think we have an opportunity to teach our kids that boredom can be the locked door preventing imaginations to flourish, sibling relations to be yes challenged but made better. In a world where "instant" is the ruler of all, can our children come out of this experience with more patience? Can we, as adults, come out with more patience? We grew up with boredom and turned out ok, can boredom be the foundation of memories made, relationships formed, and patience gained? Can we REFOCUS and think of what there is to learn from this uncharted time in history.

So I challenge you today and the week's head to enter each day with a sense of - how can I REFOCUS my thoughts, energy, and attitude to make this day a good day. Don't get ahead of yourself, just one day at a time. It won't be perfect, but it could be perfectly imperfect.

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