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Dear Santa,

I am happy to bring you an interview with St. Louis's small business owner Shawntá Ray of Happy Up Inc.


this post is about birthday presents and the want, need, over excess, what do you get a kid that has everything she needs.


Here is one of my families favorite dinners. Instant Pot BBQ beef! Guaranteed to be eaten by all.


What does Follow Through look like for me as a parent? Why is it important? Here are 3 easy steps for your Parenting Toolbox​.

No You Can't Watch 1 MORE Show!!!

Is there a perfect solution to this problem we first-world parents face, nope. Should we limit the amount of screen time our children have,

Vinegar Slaw - Summer Side

If you like vinegar like I do, you will love this side dish. It is easy to make, last several days, and is a great compliment to any...

Capture It!

A follower recently asked me, how do I record/capture my kid's life? Pictures, baby books, journals, what? There are 101 ways to document...

Weddings + Kids = help

When you have an event, for example a wedding or funeral, and the whole family needs to attend - what do you do? If you have asked this...

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